Better for you, your community, and the environment.

Does it make sense for an apple to travel 2,360 miles from Washington State to the Garden State?

Let Corner-Copia introduce you to a better way to eat. Better for you, your community, and the environment.

Corner-Copia is the home of farm-fresh produce grown in New Jersey and the surrounding region, including right here on our New Jersey farms.

Buying locally-grown produce is the right choice for many reasons.

Let’s start with taste. Produce shipped from far away gets picked and harvested too soon, before it reaches peak flavor and ripeness. That’s the only way it can survive the long journey and last on supermarket shelves.

Our fruits and vegetables don’t have far to travel so they come to you at the peak of flavor and ripeness – which coincidentally is when they’re most loaded with vitamins.

Buying local produce also helps keep alive New Jersey’s farming tradition and preserves some green space in a state where we need all we can get. Buying local is also better for the environment. At a time of rising energy and food costs, a changing climate and declining water supplies, it’s time we all started to rethink our relationship with food. Can we really afford to consume an apple that consumed 200 gallons of fossil fuel to get here? The choices we make as shoppers can have far reaching impact.

Make the right choice.